Streetcar Named Desire Blanche Essay Topics

A Streetcar Named Desire: 10 Essay Topics to Consider

A Streetcar Named Desire is an exciting play by Tennessee Williams. An essay about the play helps you to examine the themes, literary language, characters and other aspects that go into creating this exciting story. The major characters in this story are exciting and will keep you glued to the book to the last page. This makes the choice of a topic for the essay easy.

Reviewing Literature Works

A review of the literary aspects captured in the play is made easier when you select a captivating topic. Topics for literature academic papers require careful thought and thorough reading to ensure that you capture the issues accurately. The suspense and intrigues at the beginning are likely to mislead you into early conclusions. Only by reading the book to the end are you in a position to write quality review.

How to Write the Best Literature Essay

The best way to write a literary essay is to imagine that you are a critic. This puts you in a position where you are required to review the work without bias. You should not be influenced by previous works by the same author or other academic papers you have read about the book. This is an opportunity to give your opinion on the book.

Finding an interesting topic for a book that is several decades old is sometimes difficult. A lot of term papers, thesis and essays have been written about A Streetcar Named Desire. To find a new twist to this story therefore becomes a challenge. Here are 10 fresh and captivating essay topics on A Street Named Desire.

  1. In Scene Nine, there is a woman of Mexican origin selling flowers for the dead. What do you think she signifies?
  2. Blanche has too many “intimacies with strangers”. What do you think is the reason?
  3. Blanche ends up in an asylum. Do you believe she is sane and who takes responsibility of her condition.
  4. What is the significance of music in A Streetcar Named Desire?
  5. What are the dynamics of the encounter between Blanche and the newspaper boy?
  6. What is the cause of Blanche’s drinking problem?
  7. Polka music is a central part of the play. Why is it significant to the characters?
  8. How is sexual tension portrayed in the play and what is its significance?
  9. How do Stella and Blanche compare and contrast?
  10. An essay on comparison and contrast between Mitch and all the other men in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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