4 Grade Homework

   Welcome to the 4th grade HOMEWORK page! 


rm 18- Mr. Stettler       jstettler@cdschools.org 

rm 19- Ms. Ogden       aogden@cdschools.org

rm 20- Miss Gensel     agensel@cdschools.org

rm 21- Mrs. Wevodau  hwevodau@cdschools.org

rm 33- Mr. Deitrick      sdeitrick@cdschools.org

rm 32- Mrs. Sheaffer    dsheaffer@cdschools.org (learning support)


Please refer to our homework page daily and check your child's planner.  We rotate for WIN= What I Need groups, so ask your child who their teacher is, although it only changes a few times throughout the year.  Students rotate for content on a "block schedule" of approximately 15 days.  Refer to that teacher's homework below.



Mr. Stettler


math - wanted poster and script

Hero - find books about your hero

Spelling - 3 columns with spelling words, base words, and suffix

READ - RRJ? complete reading calendar 


Miss Ogden


Math:   Wanted Poster and Script http://xtramath.org 


Reading: Read your IRC- Due date March 26 (bonus for turning in on March 23)

Current Event: March dates given - check with your student

Social Studies: see Miss G's

                            Lemonade Stand Game




Miss Gensel *Pennies for Patient$

https://www.understood.org      TRY Google Classroom activities (class code: xv9uqy) 


Math- fnished WANTED poster, refer to directions, example, & rubric

           use Google Classroom &/or Edmentum @home

WIP= try Lesson Check & Spiral Review GO460, 466, 474, 480, 500, 506, 512, 518, 524 & 538

          STUDY Chap 8 vocab cards (cut out 2/19/18) & Chap 9 (2/28/18)

 ------Mrs. Sheaffer's math group: wrote with her in planner... STUDY! 

          Are you scanning the QR codes for "Math on the Spot" videos at home????

          LOG ON TO xtramath whenever possible (our goal is 3 times a week)      

Log into http://www.thinkcentral.com same username & password: PASSword1

LA- HERO Choice letter(s) DUE.... signature to show parent approval

       Visual Journaling- 3/7/18 T-chart of at least 5 biological (instincts) vs learned traits

                                     3/12/18 Describe your weekend.

      WIP:continue to read your D.E.A.R. book so you are ready to write in your I.R.J.

      (see website for cycle day due dates) 3 per marking period required

      MRAH reading log, monthly, for Book It! rewards (Feb. DUE! March given)

Sp/Eng- Feb #2 given 2/28, due 3/9 BE READY!

Social Studies- Welcome to Government 

            explore https://www.usa.gov/branches-of-government?source=kids

Other- Dom & Chace are our math 24 reps, and great job to Nicholas & Kevin our semi-finalists 3/9/18

            CONGRATS to our Spelling Bee participants:Muneeba, Lexie, & Dominik

            Continental Math League form(s) distributed to those interested 1/11/18 from Mrs. Hess

            Thank you to all participants Muneeba, Chace, Haroon, Sienna, Lexie & Nicholas1/30/18 & 2/22/18

            CONGRATULATIONS to Dominik on a PERFECT SCORE round 1!!! & Haroon 3rd place round 2!!! #PaxtoniaProud            

optional daily snack time at approx 11:10am,bring a water bottle daily (there is no AC in our room)

            Please continue to check grades on HAC & check e-Communications for important info

Music Newsletter given Feb.; chorus practice started 1/12/18 (day 4s),

Rookie Band (day 3s), Orchestra (day 1or2s)

           http://clubs.scholastic.com/contests-and-programs.html Check out some cool contests!


           PSSA math tutoring Tues & Wed started 1/9/18




Mrs. Wevodau


Math- none

Spelling- none

Writing - Draft/Final Copy for Blog if needed

Science- Test Wednesday 3/7 - use gold review sheet and Flippity game on my web page to review

Language Arts - IRC is due 3/26 (turn it in on 3/23 for bonus points)

Current event - print, read, summarize and connect in your blue folder!

Reminders: MRAH calendar with 400 minutes for a pizza certificate, Tuesday afterschool tutoring begins 1/9, Wednesday begins 1/10


Mr. Deitrick


Homework for: 3/9/18

Math- Math Packets are worked on here at school, but you can do Xtramath and Code.org

You can always do Xtra Math and Edmentum practice

           Mrs. Sheaffer's math group: SEE PLANNERS 


Science - Bring back your packet for Monday

Reading - Be reading!  You should have at least one IRJ done and the second one started.

Spelling -  Test changed to Monday, 12th

  • Normal week:
  • Thursday - Test review
  • Friday - Test

 Keep reading!


Some Upcoming Dates:



Check out our class Instagram - @mrsethdeitrick 


 Make sure you are reading at home! 



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