Character Collage Assignment

To do: Create a blog on By default, it will create the blog with your username and this blog will be for you to use throughout the time you are at BGSU.

Create another blog for the class:
Go to and log in then click on Dashboard on the right.
Click Create Another Blog
Under Blog Name type artc4950username - replace username with YOUR username
It is IMPORTANT to use this naming scheme.

Blog Title should be Your name's Character Design Blog
It does not matter if you want your blog to appear in the search engine.

Blog Type: Student
Blog Subtype: College of Arts and Sciences

Click Create Blog

On the next page, click LOGIN (in the text)

Click the Appearance:

At the bottom, go to Page 5 and at the top of the page, click the Mandigo
At the top right, click Activate "Mandigo"

***USE thePhotoshop template to add your image. The Blog template chops off a part of your image so the photoshop file compensates for that. Make sure you turn off the "Turn off before Saving" folder in the Photoshop Layers before using Save for Web & Devices.

In the blog Dashboard: In the Appearance sections select Custom Image Header
(You need to have an image ready to go that is 800 wide x 250 high JPG)
Click Choose File and select your image. Upload

To see it, click Visit Site on top

To customize the side bar, click Appearance - Widgets then
Click Add next to Calendar
Add Links
Add Recent Posts
Add Recent Comments

Then SAVE Changes

Go to the Comments menu item and remove the first comment (check mark on it and Bulk Actions: Delete)

Click Settings menu and change the Tagline to Creative Caracter Development
Save Changes

Click the Arrow next to Settings and select Discussion
UNCHECK- A comment is held for moderation
UNCHECK - Comment author must have a previously approved comment

  1. To add something to your blog use the POSTS - Add New - Don't forget to click Publish
  2. To change a posting, use the Edit - Don't forget to click Update Post
  3. To add images to a blog page, use the Media - Add New link. Use the Browser Uploader if you have any problems.
  4. Test to make sure we can get to the blog from the class website (Student Page).
We will be using the blog to post ideas, research, exercises and assignments as well as using it to critique each others work.

Product Description

Book Report Project: Character Analysis Collage! Use this fun book project for any novel, either independent or class reading. Students will follow a rubric and provided examples to analyze a main character in their book. Using magazines, they will find symbols for different character traits which their character displays in the story. They will make a collage of the symbols and then fully describe how that character displays each trait in the book. (Two rubrics allow you to differentiate and require textual evidence in the form of a quote if you would like.) Everything you need for this activity is provided (other than magazines and construction paper,) so there is NO PREP for you. Use the completed rubric or the editable one which allows you to choose how many pictures, words, and each type of character trait the students must include. You are also provided three helpful posters on character traits which will be useful for any character analysis activity in your classroom all year long! (See the preview to view all the materials more closely.)

-Detailed teacher instructions, including optional fun group intro activity using a picture book
-Three helpful character analysis posters (List of Character Traits, How to Find Character Traits, Three Types of Character Traits)
-Two differentiated rubrics
-Editable versions of two differentiated rubrics (in PowerPoint)
-8 Pages of completed example projects (photos and descriptions included-great for class discussion before beginning project)
-Optional student blank charts meeting minimum requirements


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By copyright law, the purchase of this product entitles one teacher the use of the digital and printed files for a single classroom. Files are not to be shared or published (including being displayed on a website) in any way without direct permission from the author:

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