Bf4 Packing A Punch Assignment Of Contract

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Guide for Service Assignments, maps & tricks:

Short guide i decide to type down as i see many players not knowing how to do some challenges and not being creative while doing them. In some i have included what you can use before using the needed gun, kit,... and it should help you a bit. I know there are many ways to do all of them but yeah it gives you basic idea, and even typing this down was kinda pain in keyboard :P if you have suggestion for some of those with "/" feel free to comment below and i will add it here, but overall for most of empty once i think there is no need to type anything as they require playing game (still there are some that do require some modification)

Getting started Assignments that you have to do first are sadly already unlocked for me so i can no longer see challenges. But all others are listed here:

1: (1/2) Leading from the Front:
- Perform 10 kills with Shotguns - Gun: Model 10-A Hunter (or other)- Camping in house, bunker, behind wall at areas where enemies rush into one by one.
- As an Assault destroy 5 vehicles - Map: Amines Guns: ATRocket, Dynamite, Limpet charge, Anti Tank Mines (Combaining them will be more effective)
- Perform 10 Kills with the AT Rocket Gun - Map: Amines - Best near flags from 2nd floor
- As an Assault, perform 20 kills in a round - /
- Perform 10 kills with Melee weapons - Camp behind corners and sneak behind enemies
- Earn 1 Weekly, Medal - Wait for easy one or complete any weekly medal (random)

1: (2/2) Leading from the Front:
- Perform 10 Multikills - Best way while playing else use dynamite, ATRocket, Gas,...
- Destroy 25 Vehicles with Anti-Tank Mines - Map: Amiens, Monte Grappa, Ballroom Blitz or any other smaller map with many vehicles
- Perform 40 Kills with Stationary Weapons - Map: Amines - Play as german, Flag "C" 2nd floor has Stationary Weapon
- Achieve 15000 point in a round - Small maps where flags are near (CQC), healing, resupplying,...
- Perform 30 Squad Wipes - /
- Perform 50 Flag Attacker Kills - /

2: (1/2) Healing hands:
- Heal 10 different squad members - This was fixed by now (Heal 10 different squad members)
- Revive 15 different squad members - Spawn on squad and keep your distance, as they fall revive them
- Perform 20 kills with the Auto Revolver - If you're really bad in game go to HC server. You can also go for campers, few shots with main gun and then with 2nd gun (close range does around 50% damage)
- Perform 30 kills with the Selbstlader M1916 Optical - /
- Kill 5 enemies with the Medical Syringe - Map: ballroom blitz - Camp on 2nd floor near "B" where enemies go up on the ladder. (Also you can sneak behind campers)
- Win a round of Rush on any map - /

2: (2/2) Healing hands:
- Heal Alies for a total of 10000 heals: Drop health pack and bandage pouch around areas where team is "camping"
- Perform 30 Team Savior kills: Kill enemies that shot at your team mates
- Earn a total of 100000 points: /
- Finish a round in top 5: (Simple : Go for flags, supply others, heal,... get most points and u will get on top)
- As a medic perform 40 kills using incendiary grenades: Throw them in areas where enemies camp (rooms, hallways,..)

3: (1/2) Dependable:
- Perform 5 Suppression Assist kills - /
- Perform 10 kills with the Morat - Best way to do it is go with Supply drop gamemode and aim for drops
- Resupply 20 squad members - /
- Repair vehicles for 250 health - drive with them and as damage & away from enemies repair
- Destroy 5 tanks with the Crossbow Launcher - HE - Go for damaged tanks (best way)
- Perform 10 Flag Defender kills - /

3: (2/2) Dependable:
- Perform 50 kills with the Perino Model 1908 Low Weight (Support new DLC Russian Gun <- need to unlock first)
- Destroy 25 Tanks with Limpet Mines - Map: Amiens Use dynamite, ATrocket, Anti Tank mines and do most damage with them then finish it with Limpet Mines
- Resupply 100 allies in a round - Use Ammo crate and ammo Punch and throw them all over map
- Capture 100 Flags - /
- In a single life, perform 5 kills as an Elite Class - Map: Amiens Kit: Flamethrower!
- Perform 50 kills whilst on horseback - Kill enemies by running them over with horse, also use gun for campers or enemies that stand still (if bad at aiming)

4: (1/2) Eagle eye:
- Perform 10 Spot Assists - Spot with "Q" a lot
- As a Scout, accumulate 200m of headshots - Open maps, Snipers 10x zoom could help if you're really bad with sniper and go for players that lay down or stand still.
- Perform 5 Squad Spot Assists - Spot with "Q" a lot
- As a Scout perform X headshots with the Gewehr 98 Sniper - /
- Kill 3 enemy Elites with K Bullets - Use Tripwire Gas, Gas and K Bullets (let the gas do most damage)

4: (2/2) Eagle eye:
- Achieve the Counter Snipe scoring bonus 50 times - Play as sniper for some time
- Perform 10 Avenger Bonus kills - Play as sniper for some time
- Kill 20 different enemies with Tripwire bombs - Map: Any Tripwire Bomb - Gas, You have two, place them at areas where many players rush in and where your team shots at them as crazy. Gas will get you all those needed kills.
- Win 10 Games of Domination - RIP your social life
- Headshot 5 Cavalry riders with any single-action rifle - Best way when low health and standing still

5: Vehicular chaos:
- Perform 15 road kills - Driver around and drive over players (flag area will get you most kills)
- Down 25 planes using stationary Weapons - Map: Ballroom Blitz, The St Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa
- Perform 35 kills with the Cavalry lance - /
- Perform 45 kills whilst using any tank - /
- Perform 50 kills whilst using any Plane - /
- Perform 50 Driver Assist kills - /

6: It's where you stand:
- Destroy 10 tanks on Amiens - Map: Amiens Use dynamite, ATrocket, Anti Tank mines
- Perform 25 Melee kills on Argonne Forest - RIP Social life, best way in bunkers
- Perform 100 kills with shotguns on Ballroom Blitz - Gun: Model 10-A, Hunter Camp behind corners and get those kills
- Perform 5 multi-kills on Monte Grappa - /
- Perform 50 headshots on Nivelle Nights - /
- Kill 5 enemies with debris - ATrocket, Dynamite, Limpet charge, Tank,... blow up buildings

7: Modal Yodel:
- Destroy 40 Telegraphs - /
- Perform 50 kills from Behemoths - /
- Complete 25 rounds of Supply Drop - /
- Win 10 rounds of Team Deathmatch - /
- Complete 25 rounds of war pigeons - /

8: It's in the game:
- Take 10 Dog tags from enemies - As you get those melee kills you will finish this one
- Perform 100 kills with Elite Kits - Map: Amiens Kit: Flamethrower!
- Bayonet Charge 50 enemies - Hallways or campers
- Perform 40 kills with Handguns - If you're bad at aiming go with HC servers
- Perform 35 kills with the Trench Fleur - /
- In a round earn 10000 points - CQC Flags, resupply, heals,...

9: Saving UXRO:
- Hit 1 time like on this post - Hit "Vote up" button on this post!

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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Assignments Guide

If you are not a registered member of the site yet and found this guide helpful, please consider joining the forums!

Multiplayer assignments in the Naval Strike DLC are optional objectives for players to complete in order to unlock various awards, including the DLC weapons. Only one of these assignments is required for the Naval Strike DLC trophies, so if you’re only interested in the DLC trophies, please visit my Naval Strike Trophy Guide.

Please note that in order to be eligible to complete these assignments you must own the DLC and be at least multiplayer rank 10. There is an extra assignment available only to Premium members, which means that if you own the Naval Strike DLC but not Premium, you’ll be unable to start/complete Phantom Trainee assignment.

Quick Links:

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Bronze Assignments:

Assignment 1 – Titans of Steel

Game-mode specific: Carrier Assault

This assignment can only be completed in the Carrier Assault game-mode which is exclusive to Naval Strike DLC. The requirements for the assignment are very straight forward – you must break into the enemy Carrier, arm one of the M-COMs and make sure that it gets destroyed.

How does the Carrier Assault work? Teams fight over the flags which contain have unmanned weapons which will periodically shoot and deal damage to the enemy carrier. The more flags your team holds, the more damage is being dealt to the enemy carrier. Once an enemy carrier’s health drops to 50%, you’ll be able to board it and arm the objectives. You could say the game-mode starts as Conquest and becomes Rush once inside enemy carrier.

Just concentrate on taking flags until you see that enemy Carrier’s health is almost at 50%. You’ll then want to get a transport and get to the enemy carrier as soon as possible. It takes some time for the Carrier’s haul to explode and for its doors to open for you to board it. If you die, you can respawn and parachute in from above of the enemy carrier. The reason you want to get to the enemy carrier as fast as possible is because most other players will still be on islands which means - less enemies to defend M-COMs and less team-mates to potentially steal the M-COM arm.

Reward: Titans of Steel Dog Tag

Assignment 2 – Spare Time Sniper

This is a very simple assignment and will come naturally as long as you’re using Assault class specific weapons – assault rifles.

You have to get 3 assault rifle ribbons (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with assault rifles in a round) and 20 headshots. Both the ribbons and headshots can be gotten in a span of multiple rounds so they will come naturally. If you want to get this assignment done as soon as possible, simply play either TDM or Domination game-mode.

Reward: AR160 (Assault Rifle)

Assignment 3 – Packing a Punch

Another easy assignment, it can be done on any map (Vanilla, other DLC, etc.) and in a span of multiple rounds. The fastest way is to simply play Naval Strike DLC maps since they’re built around and have plenty of boats. You can destroy enemy boats via any means – using Attack boats, RHIBs, RPGs, C4, etc.

Keep in mind that you need to get “Vehicle Destroyed bonus” so destroying empty boats at your spawn won’t count. Kills aren’t required for this assignment, just the boat destroys.

Reward: SR-2 (PDW)

Assignment 4 – Swiss Cheese

You have to get 3 LMG ribbons (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with LMGs in a round) and 3 vehicle destroys as a Support. Once again these requirements can be can be done in a span of multiple rounds and they will come naturally, as long as you’re playing as Support with LMG and C4. Technically you can use other Support equipment (such as UCAV) for vehicle destroys as well but C4 is by far the easiest way. This assignment can be done on any map, not just Naval Strike DLC maps.

Reward: AWS (LMG)

Assignment 5 – Always Deadly

Map specific: Lost Islands/Nansha Strike/Wave Breaker/Operation Mortar

For this assignment you have to get 3 Sniper-rifle ribbons (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with sniper rifles in a round), which can be done on any map.

The second part of this assignment is to get 5 C4 kills and they must be done on any of the Naval Strike DLC maps. You don’t have to be Recon for this part, so if you want you can play Support instead to replenish your own ammo.

Reward: SR338 (Sniper Rifle)

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Assignment 6 – Curve Ball

To get this assignment you have to use RGO Impact grenades. Just as their name implies, RGO Impact grenades explode shortly after impacting a surface. Good strategy is to use Impact grenades on enemies who have been injured and/or play infantry combat-based maps (such as, Operation Lockers).

Reward: SW40 (Handgun)

Assignment 7 – Multi Tool

For this assignment you have to get 10 kills with M320 LVG and M320 DART each. Note that it must be M320 DART not M26 DART as M26 will not count. You don’t have to use UGL Rail attachment, the kills will count even if you're using M320 LVG and DART as standalone equipment.

M320 DART kills are really easy – just play a couple rounds of Domination or TDM and you should get. Remember that the range is limited so stay in buildings, try to get close to enemies and don’t bother going for enemies that are far away. Ammo is limited so save it for CQB situations.

Getting M320 LVG kills is a bit more tedious but still doable. I recommend playing on maps such as Operation Lockers and Operation Metro and just spam LVG grenades into chokepoints and groups of enemies.

Reward: M320 3GL (Grenade Launcher)

Assignment 8 – Death From Below

For this assignment you have to get 3 PDW ribbons and hit down 5 attack air vehicles (jets, attack and scout helicopters - basically all air vehicles except transport helicopters) with rocket launchers. For the PDW ribbon you have to use engineer class specific weapons PDWs and get 5 kills in a round with them. For hitting down the attack air vehicles you can use rocket launchers such as RPGs, SRAWs, Stingers, Iglas, etc. Note that you don’t have to complete these requirements in a single round so it can be done in multiple matches.

Reward: AA Mine (Engineer Equipment)

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Assignment 9 – Scourge of the Sea

One of the requirements for this assignment is to get a kill with AA mines. You’ll also unlock Fly Swatter trophy upon completed this requirement.

First you must complete Death From Below assignment in order to unlock AA mines. After you’ve unlocked the AA mines, comes the tricky part – getting a kill with it. AA mines replace launchers and you can carry and deploy up to 2 of them at the same time. AA mines do about 30% of damage so there’s no way to instantly destroy an aircraft with full health. You have to deploy the AA mines on the ground and once an enemy aircraft is in their range they will shoot automatically.

There are multiple ways you can get a kill with them, for example, play on a big, open map and wait on a building’s roof. Have a friend deploy an ammo-box for you and then just spam the AA mines. Alternatively, you can wait for your teammates to try shooting down choppers with stingers/iglas/heat-seekers and then deploy your AA mines after the enemy pilot has used up their flares.

If you want to boost the trophy, have a friend in the opposing team get either an attack or scout helicopter and meet-up on a remote place on the map. Note that since AA mines do such little damage you first have to damage the chopper with other means. For example, you can have your boosting partner land the chopper, damaged it with your repair tool and leave it with 50% health and then deploy your AA mines to get a kill.

For the second requirement all you have to do is to play Naval Strike DLC for total of 10 hours. Most of the time will come naturally if you’re going for all assignments anyway.

Reward: Scourge of the Sea Dog Tag

Assignment 10 - Giant Slayer

Game-mode specific: Carrier Assault

This assignment can only be completed in Carrier Assault game-mode which is exclusive to Naval Strike DLC. The requirements for the assignment are very straight forward – get 20 wins of Carrier Assault. This assignment is a good for working towards the total time for the Scourge of the Sea assignment, so you might want to simply play the game-mode and enjoy the game. If you’re not a fan of the game-mode and simply want to do this particular assignment as soon as possible – join rounds in progress and try to switch to winning teams. You don’t need to be in the match from the beginning, nor do you need to be the MVP or anything. All that matters is getting the winner’s ribbon at the end of the match. For tips on how Carrier Assault works refer to Titans of Steel assignment.

Reward: Giant Slayer Dog Tag

Premium Assignment – Phantom Trainee

Note that this assignment is only available to Premium players (accounts that are registered as Premium on Battlelog). So if you only bought Naval Strike DLC as standalone and are not a Premium member – this assignment will be unavailable to you despite owning the Naval Strike DLC.

First, you need to unlock the assignment by going to Battlelog -> Leaderboards. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a tiny skull icon at the bottom left corner. Click on it and after a cutscene of bunch of code plays out, you will have to enter a password. The password is "epic dream worlds", enter it and press the Enter key on your keyboard. If everything’s successful you should now be able to see the Phantom Trainee requirements in the Assignments tab (the requirements are blank prior to you entering the password). Now you can actually do the assignment.

This assignment is easy albeit really time-consuming. One of the requirements is to get 200 kills with pistols. You can use any handgun you want and you can either get the kills naturally while playing game or grind them in TDM by going pistol only.

The second requirement is to get 20 kills with jets. Depending on how good/how often you use jets it might be troublesome. For easy jet kills either play Air Superiority or equip Guided Missile and go for people on quad-bikes/RHIB boats for quick kills.

After you’ve done the first two requirements, all that is left for you to do is get 2 shotgun ribbons in a single round. Note that you must do the pistol kills and jet kill requirements first or the shotgun requirement will not count even if you fulfill it. A single ribbon requires 6 kills which means you have to get 12 shotgun kills in a single round. Really easy, I suggest playing CQB maps such as Operation Lockers or Metro or just play infantry game-modes such as Domination or TDM.

Reward: Phantom Camouflage

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