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The cultural event, entitled “Arirang,” celebrates the color, drama, song, drums and dance of Korea.

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo presented an evening of vibrant Korean performances on Feb. 17. The event dazzled audiences with color, drama, song, drums and dance. The show, which featured cultural traditions of Korea, was named “Arirang,” after a song many consider the unofficial anthem of the Korean nation; a community-based choral group performed the piece (see photos below).

The show was underwritten by a major grant from The Korea Foundation. Support also comes from the UH Hilo Chancellor’s Diversity Committee and SEED—the Office of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Seri Luangphinith, chair of the UH Hilo humanities division and professor of English, brought in over $20,000 in grants in support of this event.

The photo essay below of the evening’s performances is by Bob Douglas. Click photos to enlarge.

Opening Welcome

Above, event organizer and Professor of English Seri Luangphinith (light blue top right, lower left and center), Professor of Drama Jackie Johnson (top center and far right), and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Matt Platz (lower left) welcome guest performers.


“Hala Bada Gut”


Mundung Bukchum (Leper Dance with a small drum) 문둥북춤


Korean Folk Songs

The Korean Community Choir performs three very special songs that reverberate among Koreans across the globe: “Arirang,” “Miryang Arirang,” and Gang-gang-sul-lae.”

Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo,
Arirang gogaero neomo ganda
Nareul beorigo gashineun nimeun
Shimrido motgaseo
Balbyeong nanda
Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo,
Crossing over Arirang Pass,
Dear who abandoned me
Shall not walk even ten li (about 4km)
before his/her feet hurt.
“Miryang Arirang”

Look on me! Look on me! Look on me!
In midwinter, when you see a flower, please think of me!
Ari-arirang! Ssuri-Ssurirang! Arariga nanne!
O’er Arirang Pass I long to cross today.

Conductor: Heasook Kim
Accompanist: Mi Hee Kim


  • Ok Yo Chang
  • Kyong Hwa Chang
  • Hwa Shin Kim
  • Tina Kong
  • Yong C Matsuo
  • In Ja Park
  • Joon Sook Park
  • Heajung Ruesing
  • Hyesook Taketa
  • Gina H Vicar
  • Il Son Villesa


  • Eun Sook Lee
  • Stacy Kang
  • Giana Kim
  • Juyoung Yoon


  • Sung K Ahn
  • Namsu Han
  • Jacob Kang
  • Youngho Kim
  • Chan Park
  • Ken Yeo
  • Jimmy Yoon


The Hawai‘i Hiphop Crew


Folk Dances of Korea
Folk dances are an important element of Korean society and are often seen as the “soul” of the people.


HWA GWAN MU (Flower Crown Dance) 화관무


ALSSONG DALSSONG (Two Mask Dance) 알쏭달쏭


SOGO CHUM (Small Hand Drum Dance) 소고춤


BUCHAE CHUM (Fan Dance) 부채춤


PAN GUT (Janggo Drumming) 판굿


BARA CHUM (Cymbal Dance) 바라춤


ALOHA SAMULNORI (Percussion Ensemble) 알로하 사물놀이


This post was updated to correct the title and description of the last piece and to add information about the event organizer.

About the photographer:Bob Douglas is a local artist, photographer, and student who volunteers his photography skills to the Office of the Chancellor and UH Hilo Stories. 

-UH Hilo Stories 

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