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CS101 GDB Solution Due Date Feb 17, 2017

Metropolitan Area Network
A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network is a network that interconnect users with computer resources in a geographically area or region larger than that covered by even a large local area network (LAN) but smaller than the area covered by a wide area network (WAN).
A metropolitan area network, or MAN, consists of computer network across an entire city, college campus or small region. A MAN is larger than a LAN, which is typically limited to a signal building or site. Depending on the configuration, this type of network can cover an area from several miles to tens of miles. A MAN is often used to connect several LAN’s together to form a bigger network. It is also used to mean the interconnection of several local area networks by bridging them with backbone lines. The latter usage is also sometimes referred to as a campus network. A MAN is used to connect several LANs together to form a bigger network. When this type of network is specifically designed for a college campus, it is sometimes referred to as a campus area network, or CAN.

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CS101 Assignment 1 Complete Solution 2017



CS101 Assignment No 01 Solution & Discussion Fall 2017

Question No.1 
Convert (10101000)2 into decimal equivalent. You have to show all conversion steps.

Question No.2 

You are required to solve the given Boolean Expression by filling the following truth table.


((AB) / + A/ +(B Å C/))

ABCAB(AB)/A/C/(B Å C/)A/ +(B Å C/)((AB) / + A/ +(B Å C/))


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