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RUNNING HEAD: PROPOSAL2Summative AssessmentIntroductionAs an employee of a fast growing, large, non-union manufacturing organization we founda few systematic labor violations in the plant. With the company globalizing in different locations in the United States and plants in China and France. We are seeking advice from a Union on how to form a union to propose a solution about the working conditions and wages through a fair legal process. Union Organizing ProcessTo organize a union, we must gather a few people that might be interested in solving the same issues in the work place. Once we have made a group we will contact a union that is best suited to represent us. Once we find a union to represent us we will sit down with the union organizer and go through list of questions we might have for them to see if they are the right union for our company. We will also need to get a petition from other workers to sign to start a union. This petition will be followed with the NLRB investigating to make sure that they are ableto process this for them. As the NLRB website explains, “To start the election process, a petition must be filed with the nearest NLRB Regional Office showing interest in the union (or interest indecertifying the union) from at least 30% of employees. NLRB agents will then investigate to make sure the Board has jurisdiction and there are no existing labor contracts that would bar an election.” (para.1)Identify the UnionThe union I chose to represent us is United Steel Workers (USW). I chose United Steel Workers Union because they were formed in the late 1800’s and is still going strong. They have along history of fighting for laborers rights and protecting them. The United Steel Workers Union is also allied with 12 different other unions. Being part of a big union organization will bring more attention and power to what we need and want to resolve. According to USW’s website

UNION ORGANIZATION2Union OrganizationWith persistent and deliberate labor violations taking place within the organization and complaints of working conditions and wages by workers, there is talk about forming a union in order to negotiate changes in working conditions. Labor would like to address their concerns with management as a united front for the sake of improving wages and conditions among workers to enhance performance, production, and profits for the organization.The first step to be taken is to determine which members of the organization can participate in the representation election and qualify for union membership. According to Seaquist (2015) “Union formation is limited to particular employees” (p. 72). An employee typically has two distinguishing factors that qualify for participation which is compensation for service to the employer and the way their duties are carried out under the control and direction ofthe employer (Seaquist, 2015). Supervisors or workers who have the power and control to hire, transfer, promote, recall, reward, assign work, fire, suspend, lay off, discharge, or discipline otheremployees are exempt employees because they already have power and some control over their own work conditions and over their workers.The next step is to form a community of interest with the employees that can form a bargaining unit. Seaquist (2015) defines a bargaining unit as a group of employees who share a common interest and can be identified as a discrete group. The National Labor Review Board (NLRB) will apply a community of interest test that identifies what commonalities the group shares (Seaquist, 2015). For example, the textile winding, twisting, and drawing out machine setters, operators, and tenders are all employees who share a common interest and can be identified as a discrete group (BLS, 2016). If there are multiple plants in different cities, the arrangement would consist of all workers at the same geographic location. Since this textile

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