Corporal Punishment Discipline Essay

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Corporal Punishment --- Is it an effective means of discipline

For years, corporal punishment has been a way to punish misbehaving children in schools across the country. This subject has been full of controversy within the child development ans psychological communities.
In the article, “Is Corporal Punishment an effective means of punishment”, published by the American Pyschological Association (, June 2002. In a large-scale meta-analysis of 88 studies, psychologist Elizabeth Thompson Gershoff, PhD, of the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University, looked at both positive and negative behaviors in children that were associated corporal punishment. Gershoff looked for associations between parental…show more content…

“Paddling does not send children the proper message,” said Representative McCarthy. Without paddling, students would be less likely to become antisocial or aggressively violent, McCarthy said, and this is especially important for minorities and students with disabilities who may have a harder time fitting into certain social situations. Marjorie Gunnoe, a psychology professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, agrees that physical acts have an effect on children's development. "A child's behavior plays a key role to how they will function in other aspects of their life, including education," she said. However, before making national decisions on whether or not corporal punishment should be eliminated, Gunnoe said that legislators will need more proof that children who aren't spanked or paddled are actually better off. Gunnoe recently conducted a study with 180 teenage children on spanking and its risk factors in childhood. She found that children who remembered being spanked on their bottom with an open hand performed better in school academically, did more volunteer work and were more optimistic in terms of their future, compared with children who had never been spanked.
The article written in the American Pysychological Association by Gershoff was very well written. She based her findings on the results of the research she conducted. Gershoff appears to be very well versed on this topic. Both articles

Children Discipline And Physical Punishment Essay

One of the major problems many parents have to face while rearing their children is the method of discipline they can use to teach the children how to behave. Since most parents today were disciplined with physical punishment when they were children, it is the common belief that that is the method that should be used.

This paper will present the definition of the word discipline, discipline and physical punishment, the negative effects of physical punishment and some alternatives to physical discipline when disciplining the children.

What is Discipline?First of all, it is important to define the word discipline, so that we can understand its relationship with any method of discipline, especially physical punishment.

Usually discipline is thought of in very negative concepts. In fact, many people cannot hear the word "discipline" without hearing something negative, so sometimes it is better to use the words "training" or "correction."The root word of discipline is disciple (a student, a learner).When you discipline your children, you are making disciples. Discipline is defined as training that develops self-control (Guernsey, 1984).

Discipline and Physical PunishmentMost people, when they hear the word "discipline" the first thing that comes to their mind is "punishment". But there is a big difference between discipline and physical punishment.

What's the difference? As stated earlier, the root word of discipline is disciple and means learner. In contrast, punishment implies getting even, retaliation, vengeance, and exacting a penalty.

The difference between punishment and discipline is clearly seen in their purpose, focus, attitude, and resulting emotion.

PunishmentDisciplinePurposeTo inflict penalty for an offenseTo correct and promoteTo pay back for wrongspositive growthFocusPast misdeedsFuture behaviorAttitudeAngerLoveResultingFear, guilt, hostilitySecurityemotionThe Negative Effects of Physical Punishment in DisciplineIn a large-scale meta-analysis of 88 studies, psychologist Elizabeth Thompson Gershoff, PhD, of the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University, looked at both positive and negative behaviors in children that were associated with corporal punishment.

While conducting the meta-analysis, which included 62 years of collected data, Gershoff looked for associations between parental use of corporal punishment and 11 child behaviors and experiences, including several in childhood (immediate compliance, moral internalization, quality of relationship with parent, and physical abuse from that parent), three in both childhood and adulthood (mental health, aggression, and criminal or antisocial behavior) and one in adulthood alone (abuse of own children or spouse).

Gershoff found "strong associations" between corporal punishment and all eleven child behaviors and experiences. Ten of...

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