Battlefield 4 Gun Assignments Synonyms

The environments in Battlefield 4 are famous for being expansive. Lost in this are the close quarter gun battles that offer intense infantry combat. Today, we're going to focus on one of the hidden gems in the Personal Defense Category, the MP7. While not the most impressive weapon statistically, this weapon can rise above even the most powerful Assault Rifles when utilized properly.

The MP7 has a Fire Rate of 950 Rounds Per Minute. Not the top of the PDW class, but much higher than most. By equipping a Suppressor for stealth and a Kobra or Coyote Red Dot Sight, this gun becomes one of the most lethal at close range. If you decide to use any sight at all, choose one of the two that we just mentioned. Anything else will increase the time it takes you to aim down sight. Since you will be taking down opponents using a combination of speed and precision, optics with increased magnification are frowned upon.

We should also mention that before you can use this weapon, you must unlock it. First, you'll need the China Rising DLC, which is free for Premium members. Next, you'll need to complete the assignment, Making a Dent. Check out the assignment details below.

  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
  • Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA
  • Earn 3 Anti-Vehicle ribbons

Once you've unlocked the weapon, it will take 410 kills to earn all of the attachments. Don't worry, you can get a Suppressor very quickly and the Iron Sights are fairly easy on the eyes. Most of the unlocks for this gun aren't necessary.

To see the full breakdown of the MP7 PDW, check out our video below. If you have a weapon, gadget or piece of equipment that you would like us to profile, let us know in the comments. Our goal is to feature one reader suggestion per episode.

What weapon would you like to see profiled next? 

For Assignments in Battlefield 4's expansion packs, see DLC Assignments
For Assignments in Battlefield 4's singleplayer, see Singleplayer Assignments

Assignments are challenges available in Battlefield 4 functioning in a similar manner to that of their Battlefield 3counterparts. Upon completion, assignments unlock unique dog tags, camouflages, and weapons. There are typically three tiers for assignments: bronze, silver, and gold.

Assignments on higher tiers become available upon meeting certain criteria on an assignment on a lower tier and completing it. Icons on unavailable assignments indicate what requirement (rank or prior award) must be met before progress can be made. There are currently forty-five multiplayer assignments, fifteen of each tier. The various expansions offer additional assignments, visible and available only to players with access to that particular expansion.



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