Wellbore Assignment Definition In Spanish

1Long, round, and hollow like a tube.

‘tubular flowers of deep crimson’

  1. 1.1Made from a tube or tubes.

    ‘tubular steel chairs’

    • ‘Shaped like a slightly distorted semi-circle, the flat roof is supported by slim tubular steel columns so that it appears to hover lightly over the solid structure below.’
    • ‘It became one of the most influential homes of the 20th century, with its enormous plate glass windows, tubular steel furniture, and open planning concepts.’
    • ‘The lightweight seats, made of fabric stretched between tubular steel frames, were removable in case you wanted to transport something large…’
    • ‘Sleek, functional liquid lines have light reflecting off smooth lacquer and granite surfaces, with tubular steel legs and accessories providing contrast.’
    • ‘Above looms the fantastic network of 53,000 tonnes of steel lattice - work connected to the main tubular steel members which look solid enough but are in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint.’
    • ‘His first piece, this cantilevered chair of tubular steel forms a wide, smooth curve and takes full advantage of the materials used.’
    • ‘Parallel rows of large laminated glass panels or planks of wood supported by tubular steel frames were the only furnishings, their reductivist quality reflecting the industrial rigour of the surroundings.’
    • ‘The ends of the dome are closed with the same material, carried on diagonal grids of cardboard stiffened with timber and connected by tubular steel nodes.’
    • ‘A locking assembly is coupled with the C-shaped clamping portion for selectively locking the clamping portion to the tubular rail.’
    • ‘It is ingeniously proportioned with a distinctive form - a chromium-plated tubular steel frame is topped in either grey, metallic black or transparent plexiglass.’
    • ‘Constructed of a tubular steel frame, machine-fabricated components and an exotic variety of leather finishes, the chaise longue epitomises aesthetic purity.’
    • ‘The base of all Concert stands is made of tubular steel for strength and rigidity without excess weight, and a full range of lighting and other accessories have been designed to meet the different needs of music organizations and venues.’
    • ‘Police also want to hear from landowners who have a gate made of tubular steel, which is set back from the road, on their grounds.’
    • ‘The ramp is supported by tubular steel masts, ranging in diameter from 190 to 350 mm.’
    • ‘The tubular steel frame is exposed and the fat twin exhaust pipes sit underneath the seat, protruding slightly.’
    • ‘From hand-made Boston rockers with hand-turned spindles, designers turned to cantilevered cane-backed chairs made of tubular steel.’
    • ‘Tensile forces are transferred through tubular steel members.’
    • ‘The curving metal clad roof has a simple but elegant structure of deep curving laminated timber beams, which are braced and supported on either side of the gymnasium by tubular steel V-shaped columns.’
    • ‘Vinyl replaced leather; bright prints superseded dark brocades; unadorned acrylic and plywood was employed instead of hardwood, and tubular steel instead of wrought iron.’
    • ‘Auntie Lizzie lived in a house with a black door that had an oval window in it at the top, her front garden had a steep slope and concrete steps with an old persons tubular handrail.’
  2. 1.2Surfing (of a wave) hollow and well curved.

    ‘the waves were glassy and tubular and the local hotshots were setting the pace’

    • ‘Waves are fast, sometimes tubular and perfect, breaking on sand always in the bay’
    • ‘When an approaching swell hits this reef wall a third of a mile offshore, it creates a tubular wave so powerful that it has been called a ‘freak of hydrodynamics.’’
    • ‘These surfers perform their dance on tubular swells that even today's heroes might not have attempted.’
  3. 1.3US informal Wonderful or amazing.

    ‘Donatello is totally tubular when he's jamming’

    • ‘You'll like him...he's totally tubular.’
    • ‘He's a really groovy rap artist...he's totally tubular.’
  • ‘The small, tubular flowers are a translucent white with the faintest blush of rose.’
  • ‘Descending rows of dots and extended tubular shapes meander across pale blue and green backgrounds.’
  • ‘Other flowers attract hummingbirds with color; such flowers tend to be red, have symmetrical tubular flowers, and provide a heavy nectar flow.’
  • ‘In winter and spring, profuse clusters of long tubular white flowers burst open at the tips of the branches.’
  • ‘It's in the same family as Daphne and the tubular flowers resemble those of its cousin, except that they are a bright, buttery yellow!’
  • ‘Add some hardy fuchsias for their pink, red and white tubular flowers that appeal to the hummingbirds.’
  • ‘The long tubular flowers look great with many ornamentals but are especially attractive near green-and-white hostas and dark daylilies.’
  • ‘The flower has a tubular calyx with four ovate lobes and a corolla with four overlapping petals.’
  • ‘Predation by ants may have driven the evolution of flowers with a more tubular shape, counterbalancing the pressure for flaring caused by bumblebees and explaining the less open shape in areas where ants are more numerous.’
  • ‘The plant has smooth, shiny, oval leaves and tubular flowers.’
  • ‘Its tubular flowers grow in tiers, rising above the lovely foliage.’
  • ‘They all have tubular flowers with the most common colors being red and blue.’
  • ‘Flowers with tubular red corollas are especially attractive to hummingbirds.’
  • ‘Agapanthus have long been prized for their unique 1 to 4 inch clusters of tubular flowers - often as many as 20-50 per cluster.’
  • ‘In late spring, the arching stems carry drooping clusters of small, tubular flowers that are white tipped with green.’
  • ‘It produces showy, tubular flowers in summer and is able to set seed if pollinators are available.’
  • ‘Curcuma is a tall reed-like tuber from Burma with luscious, lilac-pink tubular flowers that make a spectacular show.’
  • ‘The yellowish-green to white perianth of male and hermaphrodite flowers is tubular.’
  • ‘It is essential to keep in mind that hummers prefer tubular flowers that allow their long, needle-like bills to fit inside these tubes.’
  • ‘It's an annual, with heart shaped leaves and curious tubular flowers, yellow at the base and purple at the top.’
1. (allocation) 
The manager is in charge of making the project assignments.El director está a cargo de la asignación de los proyectos.
2. (task) 
We have gathered the data we needed for the school assignment.Hemos reunido los datos que necesitábamos para la tarea del colegio.
You can watch TV once you finish your assignments.Puedes ver tele tan pronto acabes tus deberes.
We have to submit several class assignments before the end of the month.Tenemos que entregar varios trabajos en clase antes del final del mes.
3. (responsibility) 
One of his assignments as a manager is to coordinate the various departments of the company.Una de sus funciones como directivo es la de coordinar los diferentes departamentos de la empresa.
4. (mission) 
The aircraft was on assignment away from its base when the attack took place.El avión no estaba en la base, sino en una misión, cuando se produjo el ataque.
5. (posting) 
She gladly accepted the assignment as director of finance.Aceptó encantada su nombramiento como directora de finanzas.
6. (law) 
The assignment gives the publisher all rights over the author's work.La cesión le da a la editorial todos los derechos sobre la obra del autor.
The assignment of a premises lease is the lease transfer from one tenant to another.El traspaso del arrendamiento de un local es la transferencia del arrendamiento de un arrendatario a otro.
Has the assignment been signed already?¿Han firmado ya la escritura de traspaso?
1. (allocation) 
a. la asignación (F) 
2. (task) 
a. el tarea f, trabajo (M) (school) 
3. (journalism) 
a. el encargo m, trabajo (M) 
4. (military) 
a. la misión (F) 
1(mission)misión (f);(task)tarea (f)
to be on (an) assignmentestar cumpliendo una misión
I hardly ever take photographs except on assignmentDon't tell the crew but I'm here on assignment for the Guardian — I'm the travel correspondent... a journalist who was on an assignment for a UN agency
2(Educ)(Univ)trabajo (m)
3(allocation)asignación (f)
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