Organizational Structure Case Study Ppt


Company Profle


•California based agribusiness and food processing company which is a global leader in the tomato processing market•Established in the year in 1970 by Chris Rufer, as tomato trucking operations, who continues to be the CE till date•!rocesses "#$ of the California processing tomato production, and supplies appro%imately &0$ of the '()( industrial tomato paste and diced tomato markets

Company Dimensions


•&00 full time employees•"* business units

Company ision


•* large plants for processing•Canned tomatoes for super markets•+rucking company•usiness for handling har-esting+o create a company in which all team members .will be self/managing, initiating communications and the coordination of their acti-ities with fellow colleagues, customers, suppliers, and fellow industry participants, absent directi-es from others


•700 million a year in re-enue•+hey recei-e double digit growth rate compared to the 1$ of their competitors

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