Aitken Neville Algorithmus Beispiel Essay

AuthorEssayJournalEditionReprint(R)/Notable(N) Gender
Abani, ChrisEthics and Narrative: The Human and OtherWitness2010NM
Abbey, EdwardEven the Bad Guys Wear White HatsHarper's1987NM
Abbott, RaymondThe Haverhill JournalJournal of Kentucky Studies2010NM
Abbott, RaymondA Warm Spring RainOpen 24 Hours2014NM
Abelove, HenryYankee Doodle DandyMassachusetts Review2009NM
Abildskov, MarilynEvery Verb ImaginedApalachee Review2005NF
Abildskov, MarilynThe Summer of BerbequesHotel Amerika2011NF
Abildskov, MarilynThe Men in My CountryQuarterly West2002NF
Abildskov, MarilynLooking at the MoonUnder the Sun2009NF
Abraham, LaurieIt's ComplicatedElle2015NF
Abraham, LaurieKinsey and MeElle2006RF
Abraham, LaurieThe Landscape of DesireMirabella2000NF
Abraham, PearlFor the Sins We Have Committed Before You Through Hard-HeartednessMichigan Quarterly Review2015NF
Abram, DavidThe Ecology of MagicOrion1992RM
Abramson, Deborah Y.Proof: A PrefaceRiver Teeth2002NF
Accawi, Anwar F.PlasticSewanee Review2005NM
Accawi, Anwar F.The CamelThe Sun2013NM
Accawi, Anwar F.HungerThe Sun2015NM
Accawi, Anwar F.The TelephoneThe Sun1998RM
Aciman, AndréIntimacyAmerican Scholar2009NM
Aciman, AndréThe Last Time I Saw ParisCommentary2000RM
Aciman, AndréSea and RemembranceCondé Nast Traveler2006NM
Aciman, AndréMy Monet MomentCondé Nast Traveler2011NM
Aciman, AndréRemanenceHarvard Review2005NM
Aciman, AndréLavenderHarvard Review2003RM
Aciman, AndréShadow CitiesThe New York Review of Books1998RM
Aciman, AndréAre You Listening? (Printed Andre Aciman)The New Yorker2015NM
Aciman, AndréArbitrageThe New Yorker2001NM
Aciman, AndréIn Search of ProustThe New Yorker1999RM
Aciman, AndréBarcelona. The Sophisticated Traveler2002NM
Ackerman, DianeIn the Memory MinesMichigan Quarterly Review2001RF
Acocella, JoanA Few Too ManyNew Yorker2009NF
Acocella, JoanBlockedThe New Yorker2005NF
Acocella, JoanCather and the AcademyThe New Yorker1996RF
Adams, Robert M.Montaigne and the LadiesHudson Review1991NM
Addonizio, KimHow to Succeed in Po BizNew Letters2009NF
Adiele, FaithPassing Through Bandit TerritoryCrab Orchard Review2002NF
Adiele, FaithBlack MenIndiana Review2005NF
Adisa, Opal PalmerLying in the Tall Grasses, Eating CaneZYZZYVA1999NF
Adkins, JudithThe Tree, the ForestColorado Review2013NF
Adkins, JudithLingua FamiliaFourth Genre2015NF
Adler, JerryA Prayer for My FatherEsquire1996NM
Adler, JerryEvery Parent's NightmareNewsweek1988NM
Adler, JerryRaging BullsWired2013NM
Adrian, KimHow to Buy PeachesTin House2010NF
Aftel, MandyPerfumed ObsessionTin House2006NF
Agee, JamesAmerica, Look at Your Shame!Oxford American2004RM
Agee, JoelA Fury of SymbolsHarper's Magazine1990NM
Agee, JoelGerman LessonsHarper's Magazine2002NM
Agee, JoelA Lie That Tells the TruthHarper's Magazine2008NM
Agee, JoelEros at SeaHarper's Magazine1995RM
Agee, JoelNot Found, Not LostTricycle2009NM
Agee, JoelProgress and the Prayer WheelYale Review1995NM
Agee, JonisThe Altitudes of DreamsThe Iowa Review2005N*
Ahmad, Amin205 Lower Circular RoadHarvard Review2010N*
Aitken, WillArchitecture of LossThe Threepenny Review2002NM
Ajami, FouadThe Sentry's SolitudeForeign Affairs2002N*
Akst, DanielAmerica: Land of Loners?Wilson Quarterly2011NM
Alber, MikeMagic: The EssayHobart2009NM
Albert, JasonDown and Out in a Repurposed Troop CarrierMorning News2013NM
Aldrich, MarciaThe Dead Dog EssayFlorida Review2010NF
Aldrich, MarciaThe Bed of MetamorphosisFourth Genre2006NF
Aldrich, MarciaThe Art of Being BornHotel Amerika2013RF
Aldrich, MarciaOf Pumps and DeathNormal School2012NF
Aldrich, MarciaSwimmersNorthwest Review1994NF
Aldrich, MarciaQuestionsNorthwest Review1995NF
Aldrich, MarciaVoiceNorthwest Review1996NF
Aldrich, MarciaPurseNorthwest Review2000NF
Aldrich, MarciaThe White BlouseNorthwest Review2004NF
Aldrich, MarciaGarbo and the NornsNorthwest Review2007NF
Aldrich, MarciaMy Dog AnubisNorthwest Review2011NF
Aldrich, MarciaHairNorthwest Review1993RF
Aldrich, MarciaOf SnakesPuerto del Sol2005NF
Aldrich, MarciaSpoon AltarTampa Review2008NF
Aldrich, MarciaIngenuityThe American Voice1997NF
Aldrich, MarciaEnoughThe Florida Review2015NF
Aldrich, MarciaPortrait of a RingThe Pinch2009NF
Aldrich, MarciaThe Fine Art of SlumpingWitness2002NF
Alessio, CarolynCitizens of ThebesNinth Letter2006NF
Alessio, CarolynMeet MarisolNinth Letter2009NF
Aletti, VinceThe Masculine MystiqueAperture2008NM
Alexander, PamelaBrush of WildnessCimarron Review2013NF
Alexie, ShermanMy Encounters with the Homeless People of the Pacific NorthwestWillow Springs2007NM
Allard, William AlbertSolace at Surprise CreekNational Geogrphic2007NM
Allen, Brooke *Jefferson the Skeptic (Published under Allan, Brooke)Hudson Review2007NF
Allen, Brooke *Our Godless ConstituionThe Nation2006NF
Allen, James SloanReflections at the Edge of the WorldSewanee Review1993NM
Allen, RyanFixing Myself at Broken KettleNorth Dakota Quarterly2015NM
Allen, SandraThe Sad, Strange, True Story of Sandy Allen, the Tallest Woman in the WorldBuzzFeed2015NF
Allen, WoodyRandom Reflections of a Second-Rate MindTikkun1991RM
Allison, DorothyMama and Mom and Dad and SonHarper's Bazaar1999NF
Allison, DorothyGun CrazyZYZZYVA1995NF
Allison, SueMade to MeasureAntioch Review2012NF
Allison, SueAdditional Tenses You Should KnowApt2014NF
Allison, SueWhat I Did Without YouCrazyhorse2013NF
Allison, SueDream WorkHarvard Review2011NF
Allison, SueTaking a ReadingMid-American Review2009RF
Aloff, MindyBeautiful TheoriesAtlantic Monthly1994NF
Als, HiltonI Am Your Conscious, I Am LoveHarper's Magazine2013NM
Als, HiltonBuddy EbsenThe Believer2011RM
Als, HiltonThe Dope ShowThe New Yorker2000NM
Als, HiltonNotes on My MotherThe New Yorker1997RM
Als, HiltonIslandsTransition2015RM
Alsop, Christine K.Presumed GuiltyThe Briar Cliff Review2006NF
Alsop, JosephArt into MoneyThe New York Review of Books1987NM
Alvarado, BethClarityCimarron Review2010NF
Alvarado, BethStars and Moons and CometsThe Sun2015NF
Alvarado, Mary MargaretDear JoshuaWag's Revue2014NF
Alvarez, A.RomanceLear's1991N*
Alvarez, A.The Dark ath the Top of the StairsNew Yorker1994N*
Alvarez, JuliaNight of the CabanasThe Washington Post Magazine2003NF
Amani, ChrisResisting the Anomie: Exile and the Romantic SelfWitness2007N*
Amdahl, GaryNarrow Road to the Deep NorthThe Gettysburg Review2001NM
Amoroso, AmyCut Wide OpenMount Hope2015NF
Anastas, BenjaminThe Foul Reign of The New York Times Magazine2012RM
Andersen, StephanieMy Mother's SecretBrain, Child2015NF
Anderson-Ramos, SamOn Leaving Dove SpringsAustin Chronicle2015N*
Anderson, AimeeIndian SpringsGargoyle2013NF
Anderson, C. B. *Lost in DogtownFourth Genre2003N*
Anderson, C. B. *Cars (Published under Anderson, Cynthia)Inkwell2002N*
Anderson, ChrisForest of VoicesGeorgia Review1994N*
Anderson, DonaldGathering NoiseEpoch2013NM
Anderson, DonaldLuckEpoch1999NM
Anderson, DonaldRock SaltEpoch2008NM
Anderson, ElijahThe Code of the StreetsAtlantic Monthly1995NM
Anderson, IsaacLord God BirdImage2013NM
Anderson, NancyHoop ScenesUnder the Sun2000NF
Anderson, SamRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: JoyceThe American Scholar2005N*
Anderson, StephanieWomanhoodBrain, Child2009NF
Angell, MarciaThe Crazy State of PsychiatryThe New York Review of Books2012RF
Angell, RogerNo, But I Saw the GameThe New Yorker1990NM
Angell, RogerHomeric TalesThe New Yorker1992NM
Angell, RogerEarly InningsThe New Yorker1993NM
Angell, RogerTrue Tales – Well, MaybeThe New Yorker1997NM
Angell, RogerRomanceThe New Yorker2004NM
Angell, RogerAndyThe New Yorker2006NM
Angell, RogerLa Vie en RoseThe New Yorker2005RM
Angell, RogerThis Old ManThe New Yorker2015RM
Angelou, MayaDreams May Be Deep TalkAmerican Voice1994NF
Angier, NatalieDo Straw Men Have DNA?The American Scholar2004NF
Angier, NatalieMy God Problem – and TheirsThe American Scholar2005NF
Annan, KentA Drop of WaterNatural Bridge2006NM
Annan, KentSpringThe Other Side2004NM
Anocella, JoanOnce upon a TimeThe New Yorker2013NF
Anonymous *Lust, Impotence, Porn (Published under Anonyma(?))Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies2007N*
Anonymous *The Facts of the MatterTriQuarterly2013N*
Anonymous *In Defense of AnonymityVirginia Quarterly Review1988N*
Anspach, RobynThree HooksNew Letters2010N*
Anthony, JasonTime on IceIsotope2006NM
Antin, DavidWhite Ravens Black HelicoptersSouthern Review2013NM
Anton, TedToo Many MomsChicago1991NM
Anton, TedGreat Books, Great BattlesChicago Times Magazine1990NM
Anton, TedDream BookLatino Studies Journal1992NM
Antonetta, SusanneHostsImage2011NF
Antonetta, SusanneLanguage GardenOrion2006NF
Antopol, MollyConflict ResolutionSouthern Humanities Review2015NF
Antrim, DonaldChurchThe New Yorker2004NM
Antrim, DonaldThe KimonoThe New Yorker2005NM
Antrim, DonaldI Bought a BedThe New Yorker2003RM
Appel, Jacob M.Sudden Death: A Eulogy (Kenyon Review Online)Kenyon Review2015NM
Appel, Jacob M.Judy & Malcolm: Maybe a Love StoryLake Effect2011NM
Appel, Jacob M.LiverySoutheast Review2013NM
Appel, Jacob M.An Absense of JelloSouthwest Review2012NM
Apple, MaxRocket ReduxNew York Times Sports Magazine1986NM
Apps, AaronBarbecue CatharsisCarolina Quarterly2014NM
Arguelles, MaryMending PetalsBellevue Literary Review2015NF
Arlen, MichaelArmenian JournalThe Nation1990RM
Arlen, MichaelInvisible PeopleThe New Yorker1991NM
Armao, GenePas de DeuxNortheast Corridor2000NM
Armstrong, KarenIs a Holy War Inevitable?GQ2003NF
Arnold, ElizabethCrossing the DivideGettysburg Review2013NF
Arnold, MiahYou Owe MeMichigan Quarterly Review2012RF
Arrivee, AlanThe Appropriate Use of HandsFlorida Review2013NM
Arthur, ChrisLooking Behind Hotel Amerika2013NM
Arthur, ChrisHow's the Enemy?Literary Review2014NM
Arthur, ChrisLevel CrossingNew Hibernia Review2011NM
Arthur, ChrisPutting Two and Two TogetherNew Hibernia Review2015NM
Arthur, ChrisMiracle StorySouthern Humanities Review2005NM
Arthur, ChrisSwan SongSouthern Humanities Review2006NM
Arthur, ChrisMistletoeSouthern Humanities Review2008NM
Arthur, ChrisRoom, EmptySouthwest Review2007NM
Arthur, ChrisReading LifeSouthwest Review2012NM
Arthur, Chris(En)tranceThe Literary Review2009RM
Arthur, ChrisLinenThe Northwest Review1998NM
Ascher, CarolMy Father's ViolinShenandoah1995NF
Ascher, CarolDancing with LudwigThe American Voice1996NF
Ascher, CarolDer Rechte WegThe Virginia Quarterly Review1998NF
Ash, Timothy GartonThe German RevolutionNew York Review of Books1990NM
Ash, Timothy GartonOrwell's ListThe New York Review of Books2004NM
Asher, DonLab NotesHarper's Magazine2000NM
Asim, JabariColor Him Father: Three ReflectionsSolstice2015N*
Askew, RillaRhumbaTin House2014N*
Aswell, SarahThe Art of WarGettysburg Review2007NF
Athill, DianaAlive, Alive-Oh!Granta2005NF
Atkinson, MichaelOther People's BookmarksBeliever2006NM
Atlas, JamesMaking the GradeThe New Yorker1998NM
Atlas, JamesThe Survivor's SuicideVanity Fair1989NM
Atleework, KendraCharadeHayden's Ferry Review2015RF
Atte, OlumayowaRoad to IbadanNew Letters2013N*
Atwell, LindaThree SecondsPerceptions: A Magazine of the Arts2014NF
Atwood, MargaretThe Female BodyMichigan Quarterly Review1991RF
Atwood, RogerSearching for a Head in NigeriaMassachusetts Review2015NM
Aubry, TimothySizing Up OprahThe Point2013NM
Aubry, TimothyA Matter of Life and DeathThe Point2014RM
Austin, PaulTucker Put His Gun to His HeadAscent2006NM
Austin, PaulMrs. KellyCreative Nonfiction2008NM
Austin, PaulThe Devil Is a Beautiful ManGettysburg Review2007NM
Avedon, RichardBorrowed DaysGrand Street1988NM
Aveni, AnthonyIs Harmony at the Heart of Things?The Wilson Quarterly2002NM
Axelrod, M. R.PIZD'oSH: Nikolai Gogol, Abner Doubleday, and the Russian Origins of American BaseballIowa Review1990N*
Axtell, James *Confessions of a Biliolater (Pubslished under Axtel, James)Virginia Quarterly Review1989NM
Axtell, James *The Making of a Scholar-AthleteVirginia Quarterly Review1992NM
Babcock, Matthew JamesThe Handicap BugFiddleback2012NM
Babcock, Matthew JamesMy Nazi DaggerWar, Literature, and the Arts2015NM
Babine, KarenAn Island TriptychNew Hibernia Review2014NF
Babitz, EveJim Morrison Is Dead and Living in HollywoodEsquire1992NF
Bachelder, ChrisThe Dead ChipmunkBeliever2012NF
Backous, AllisonLamentImage2011NF
Backstrom, KirstenAnonymityThe Arkansas Review1998NF
Baggott, Julianna *Literary MurderCincinnati Review2008NF
Baggott, Julianna *For All the Ladies in My Mother's Book Group (Published under Baggot, Julianna)Hayden's Ferry Review2010NF
Bahr, DavidMotheredGQ2005NM
Bailey, AnthonyCoraclesThe New Yorker1987NM
Bain, David HowardThe House on Hemenway HillPrairie Schooner1997NM
Bair, JuleneDirtApalachee Quarterly1995NF
Bair, JuleneOut in the ColdHigh Country News2009NF
Baker, DavidCritical DisobedienceThe Gettysburg Review1998NM
Baker, ElliotThe Road Not TakenGQ1992NM
Baker, Laura JeanYear of the TigerWar, Literature, and the Arts2013NF
Baker, NicholasNo StepThe American Scholar2002NM
Baker, NicholasStringThe American Scholar2004NM
Baker, NicholasExchangeThe Atlantic Monthly1992NM
Baker, NicholsonWar and PiecesEsquire1991NM
Baker, NicholsonWrong AnswerHarper's Magazine2014NM
Baker, NicholsonWhy I'm a PacifistHarper's Magazine2012NM
Baker, NicholsonDallas Killers Club: How JFK Got ShotThe Baffler2015NM
Baker, NicholsonSurvival of the FittestThe New York Review of Books1994RM
Baker, NicholsonBooks as FurnitureThe New Yorker1996RM
Baker, NicholsonOne SummerWashington Post Magazine2006NM
Baker, WillThe Making of a Little ManGeorgia Review1990NM
Baker, WillThe Gulf of UnknowingGeorgia Review1993NM
Baker, WillSourdoughs, Filibusters, and a One-Eared MuleThe Georgia Review1986NM
Baker, WillTony and the CowsThe Georgia Review2000NM
Bakken, Kerry NevilleNot Waving but DrowningCrab Orchard Review2009NM
Balakrishnan, AnandNaguid Mahfouz's White Linen SuitBidoun2009N*
Baldwin, JamesFreaks and the American Ideal of ManhoodPlayboy1986NM
Baldwin, JamesTo Crush the SerpentPlayboy1988NM
Baldwin, RosecransLearn to Kill in Seven Days or LessGQ2015NF
Baldwin, RosecransOur French ConnectionMorning News2013NF
Ballantine, PoeHopeEcotone2012NM
Ballantine, PoeThe Find Art of QuittingSun2010NM
Ballantine, PoeThe Tyranny of ParadiseThe Sun2014NM
Ballantine, PoeWhere the Rain BelongsThe Sun2003NM
Ballantine, PoeWorld of TroubleThe Sun2007NM
Ballantine, PoeWide-eyed in the Gaudy ShopThe Sun2008NM
Ballantine, PoeThe Thousand-Peso SuitThe Sun2009NM
Ballantine, PoeEven Music and GoldThe Sun2015NM
Ballantine, PoeFree Rent at the Totalitarian HotelThe Sun2013RM
Ballantine, Poe501 Minutes to ChristThe Sun2006RM
Balluck, PamelaParts of a ChairSoutheast Review2015NF
Bamber, LindaThe Miracle of My FreedomKenyon Review2014NF
Bamforth, IainThe Embodied WorldThreepenny Review2015N*
Banicki, ElizabethWrong Side of the TrackSlake2012NF
Bank, LoriThere Is No TimeConnecticut Review2003NF
Banks, RussellI Am Lost in the Flow of TimeNew England Monthly1988NM
Baranczak, StanislawMemory: Lost, Retrieved, Abused, DefendedColumbia1992N*
Barber, PhyllisThe Knife HandlerAgni2011NF
Barber, PhyllisSweetgrassupstreet2010NF
Bargmann, DorieLionbirdManoa1999NF
Bargmann, DorieThirteen More Ways of Looking at a BlackbirdPrairie Schooner2006NF
Barich, BillHouseboysNarrativemagazine.com2008NM
Barker, WendyLet's PartyCerise Press2011NF
Barmack, Erik S.Lo Spirito FemminileNorthwest Review2001NM
Barnes, Julian Such, Such Was Eric BlairNew York Review of Books2010NM
Barnes, Julian The Follies of Writer Worship The New York Times Book Review1986RM
Barnes, Julian Playing Chess with Arthur KoestlerThe Yale Review1989RM
Barnes, KimOn Language: A Short MeditationFugue2011NF
Barnes, MikeTwo RoomsGettysburg Review2008NM
Barnstone, TonyMonkey MindSouthern California Review2015NM
Barolini, HelenParis In the BoondocksAntioch Review2003NF
Barolini, HelenShutting the Door on SomeoneSouthwest Review1991NF
Barolini, HelenMy Mother's Wedding DaySouthwest Review1993NF
Barolini, HelenThe Curio CabinetSouthwest Review2010NF
Barolini, HelenMy Bernini BoxSouthwest Review2012NF

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