Physics Homework #11 Two Dimensional Kinematics

Circular Motion HW -
Read Sections 9.3 - 9.6 (P.126-132 in textbook) On P.133-135 do questions #8,9,10,12,13,16,19,31,32,38; Review Book P. 49 #88-103

Performance Indicators:

5.1s Field strength* and direction are determined using a suitable test particle. (Notes:

1)Calculations are limited to electrostatic and gravitational fields. 2)The gravitational field near

the surface of Earth and the electrical field between two oppositely charged parallel plates are

treated as uniform.)

5.1t Gravitational forces are only attractive, whereas electrical and magnetic forces can

be attractive or repulsive.

5.1u The inverse square law applies to electrical* and gravitational* fields produced by

point sources.

5.1l Weight is the gravitational force with which a planet attracts a mass*. The mass of

an object is independent of the gravitational field in which it is located.

5.1e An object in free fall accelerates due to the force of gravity.* Friction and other

forces cause the actual motion of a falling object to deviate from its theoretical motion.

(Note: Initial velocities of objects in free fall may be in any direction.)


Process Skills:

determine the acceleration due to gravity near the surface of Earth


Gravity Force Lab (PhET) 


Sample Problems (in-class)

Force of gravity on a 75 kg person. Calculate the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the Earth 


Gravity and Orbits Activity (PhET) 


Minute Physics "What is Gravity?" (YouTube) 


What is Gravity? General Relativity in 90 seconds  (YouTube)


Veritasium - What is Gravity? (YouTube) 


HW: Read P. 168-179 in Hewitt then do on P. 180 - 181 #3,12,15,17,19,20 and Review Book P. 52,53 #104-115


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