Essay Questions For Kite Runner

Essay Topic 1

Religion was an underlying theme interwoven throughout this book. Describe in detail what effect his religious beliefs had on Amir using at least five examples from the story. Then compare Amir's views and beliefs as related to religion to that of another character in the story, using specific examples from the book.

Remember to:

• Describe the effect of religion on Amir

• Compare Amir's beliefs about religion to another character in the story

• Use examples from the text to support your statements

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay describing the changes Amir went through throughout the book using specific examples from the text. Compare his changes to your own personal changes in opinion on this region and the reign of the Taliban.

Remember to:

• Describe Amir's changes

• Use examples from the text

• Describe your changes in opinions about Afghanistan and the culture of its people

Essay Topic 3


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Kite Runner essays have become quite popular assignments in high school English and undergraduate English comp courses, because the book itself has become so popular, and a bit controversial within certain Muslim populations. Further, the novel is set in Afghanistan during the time that the monarch was deposed, Russia invaded, and that Taliban gained control, and so it is often assigned as outside reading in modern history courses as well.

If you have been charged with The Kite Runner essay, there are numerous topics for The Kite Runner essays from which you can choose, dependent upon the course for which that essay has been assigned.

Kite Runner essay topics for English Courses

A Kite Runner book review essay could be produced on any of the following:

  • Write a Kite Runner analysis essay comparing the father-son relationship between Baba and Amir and Baba and Hassan
  • Write a Kite Runner redemption essay on the theme of redemption, as portrayed by the character of Amir
  • Write an essay on The Kite Runner that explores the autobiographical considerations of author, Khaled Hasseini
  • Using The Kite Runner thesis that the betrayal of a friend creates can cause lifetime grief, show how Amir’s guilt grew as he entered adulthood.

All of The Kite Runner essay topics listed above can be written quite easily, as the plot, characters, and themes are well developed.

Essay topics for The Kite Runner in history classes might include the following:

  • Write an essay on Kite Runner that describes the chaos in Afghanistan after the fall of the monarchy from the viewpoint of Baba
  • Choose one of the following The Kite Runner essay questions:
  1. Describe the ethnic animosity of the Pashtuns toward the Hazaras as it is depicted in the novel.
  2. How does the author depict the Taliban as they put into place new restrictions? What traditions and activities were outlawed?
  • Write an argumentative essay about The Kite Runner on the topic: Afghanistan was a more peaceful, gentler country under the monarchy, and other countries should have intervened to protect it.

Kite Runner essay questions might also relate to the reasons for the Taliban banning of the book in Afghanistan, particularly as it relates to ethnic conflict and sexual abuse. Other essays on The Kite Runner might revolve around a comparison/contrast of class structures in pre-Taliban and Taliban rule, of The Kite Runner analysis essay on the depiction of women in the novel.

If you are struggling to identify a good topic and/or thesis, you may want to access some The Kite Runner essay examples online. Because the book has been quite popular (and controversial as a reading assignment for middle and high school students, due to the sex scenes), there are numerous reviews and essays available. Some of these may spark The Kite Runner essay prompts for you to pursue. There are also a number of essay questions for The Kite Runner online that may provide good start points for The Kite Runner critical essay. And, if you are pressed for time or unsure of you skill in developing and essay on Kite Runner, you can certainly contact and order an original perfectly written essay.

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