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So now we are implementing the Common Core and I have to face the fact that my homework folder no longer "cuts it" since it does not reflect the standards I am now using. Oh dear! I have to reformat them AGAIN! Here we go... What do I want to include on these? I finally decided to change a few things but the basic stuff remains the same! First, I buy a set of legal size folders in bright colors (okay it was $30). They look like this:

Now I had to decide what matters the most on these folders because space is limited. First I put my name on the top on a long strip so if a student drops it (not uncommon) someone will return it to me!
I also put my start and end time since parents ask this throughout the year. My hw theme was Pete which should not surprise a soul! Lovin' it! On the left are my sight words, color coded by trimester. and the OCR letter/sound cards are on the right. Got it? On the bottom I write their name with proper formation as a model for when they are working at home. Good idea, right?
Here is the back of the folder and notice that a few things have changed. Our kids need to know 2D and 3D shapes so I have them here, labeled. They also need to be able to count to 100 and count by 10's so I included that. I want them to know their colors and how to read them so they can do many of the stations I have created and these are important words to anchor them when working independently. The sticker is to remind parents to send in a note when their child is absent since this becomes a huge issue at my school.

Finally when all the pieces are cut out and glued on the folder with a label at the top (student name) I am ready to laminate the folder. I open up the folder and slide the entire thing through the laminator, cut it out, staple each side and cover it with colored duct tape. Generally these last an entire year but they are a huge amount of work! I also make extra ones to have on hand.

Do you have an easier system that you use. I like the legal size because I make many things on 81/2 by 14" paper and want it to fit in here. I also have them take home a literacy bag with their little books. I would love new ideas for this. What do you put on your folder? Do you have a better system?

Product Description

My Kindergarten homework philosophy is that I give very short assignments that reinforce what I teach and help the children learn responsibility for doing regular homework and returning it to school each week. My students earn reward tickets which they can buy prizes with through our PTA for returning their homework on time.
I have designed the homework to be used year after year by assigning homework on weeks 1-4 of each month and then giving kids a vacation from homework on any fifth weeks.
I have added another instruction page that will work with Nicky's Folders (vinyl homework folders I bought this year online)

Added a few pages for December for those that can not or do not include Christmas. These pages are at the very end of the file.

I have now included Microsoft Word versions of the calendars in case you want to edit them. Please respect copyrighted pictures by not using them for any other purpose than leaving them on the pages.


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