Truphone Case Study


The new connected camera offered an experience beyond anything Spypoint customers had experienced previously. From the comfort of an armchair, they were able to enjoy their latest images with nothing more than a smartphone. Spypoint customers had one simple subscription that allowed their device to automatically use the most effective cellular data network in any locality, virtually eliminating 'grey zones'.

For Spypoint, remote connectivity opened a new world of products and services for its customers. They were not only able to offer remote device camera access but also cloud storage, photo printing service, and international data plans.

The more surprising result was the deep insight they were gaining into their user experience thanks to the volumes of data they were receiving back. Io3 offered them both SIM usage analytics and a reporting suite. This meant that their own customers were revealing to them their most favoured features, allowing the team to rapidly innovate their user experience and make it more fluid and effortless.

Additionally, real-time data usage was being fed back allowing Spypoint to notify users if they are running out of their bundle. Through the Truphone Io3 platform, Spypoint was able to structure a billing plan that offered regionalised shared-data to cope with different user profiles and sales regions and avoid unpredictable costs.

The end result is that Spypoint had managed to turn what was once a mere a box-shifting proposition into an embedded relationship that added significant residual revenue streams to their bottom line. In short, the results have had a resounding impact on Spypoint's entire business model. They are building customers for life who are immensely happy with their new product and their new front-row seat to nature.

Spypoint and Truphone are working together to map out a new future.

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