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I flew Spirit on a full flight and didn't pay for a seat. I got stuck in a middle seat. The back of the other seat was pressing against my legs. I just wanted to try out the experience as I will be flying more often and seeing if I can really tolerate the discomfort for the savings of not paying more.

However, it was on an ACY-ATL flight on a weekend which had more adults and thus demand was for aisles and windows. And it was a full flight being it was a weekend flight. If it's a Tuesday flight, maybe the loads would be less and there is more ability to change seats. Generally Spirit FAs just police the premium seats in the front of the plane and won't let pax move to an open seat up there.

I say this about Spirit but I assume the same would be true with Frontier since they are so similar.

From my experiences on MCO bound flights, there are more families with little kids where they sit together. Thus, middle seats could just be as equal in demand, whereby random aisles and windows could be still open for the traveling alone pax that doesn't select a seat in advance.

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“Ticket agent at counter rude and unhelpful”

by an Airfarewatchdog Traveler on November 29, 2012

Round Trip
Number of Stops:
2 stops in Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas
Date of Flight:
November 2012
Seat Class:

I will never fly Frontier again. Understaffed ticket counter, rude and unhelpful.

I had a combined round-trip ticket, flying American from Tulsa to Dallas then Frontier from Dallas to Denver, then Frontier to Minneapolis; coming back as the reverse, Frontier out of Minneapolis then to Denver and Dallas, American from Dallas to Tulsa. It was ticketed through American.

Flying to Minneapolis was fine, because I didn't really have to interact with checking in at Frontier. However, the return was horrible. I arrived at the airport later than I planned, but still had a half hour before takeoff when I tried to check in at the Frontier counter.

The attendant wouldn't let me check in because he said I wouldn't make it in time. I had a half hour but he wouldn't even let me try. I asked if there was anything he could do, and he said no. Other airlines have been known to call the gate, tell them the passenger was on the way, and ask them to hold the plane. But not this Frontier agent.

He was also unwilling to help me get on a later flight because "it's ticketed through American, let them help you".

So I went to the American desk. They were very friendly and tried to help. However, it would cost $150 to change my ticket and fly from Minneapolis with them, so they suggested I go back to the Frontier desk and ask them to sign my ticket over to American. It wouldn't have cost me anything, but Frontier would have lost some money. No one was at the counter, and after waiting a while I was able to have someone call them to get the agent back to the counter. He would not help me, and rudely said it was my fault because I was late (remember, I was there a half hour before takeoff and he wouldn't let me try to catch my plane or help me in any way). But he finally said they could put me on standby on the next plane which would leave four hours later, but said it was full so my chances weren't good, and I would miss my connecting flights.

I went back to American, and paid the $150. The ticket counter agent was very apologetic, but said there was no way to get out of paying the $150 without Frontier signing the ticket over to them.

From now on I will pay a little more to deal with a friendly, helpful person.

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