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The P90 is a Personal Defense Weapon made by FN Herstal, a Belgian military small arms producer. Introduced in 1990, it was sold to Saudi Arabia. Soon after, the weapon became popular with defense forces in over 40 countries, such as the United States Secret Service. The PS90 is a variant available for civilian purchase and use.

Battlefield 2Edit




  • Fully Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic


  • 0.4-0.6 (hip)
  • 0.7 (zoomed)



  • 0.6 (Base) 0.7(Standing) 0.6(Crouch) 0.5 (Prone)


Increase per bullet

Decrease per second


"The P90 was developed specifically as a PDW for vehicle crew such as tank drivers. The P90 has very good power for its size and uses an SS190 round. It features a polymer stock with downward ejection of spent cases"

— In-game description

The P90 is the Tier Two unlock for the Anti-Tank Kit in Battlefield 2. The same weapon is also available to the EU Anti-Tank class in Euro Force. Although it was underwhelming when first introduced, a later patch greatly increased the rate of fire. It has slightly greater stopping power than the other SMGs thanks to the 5.7x 28mm cartridge it uses. It has a 50 round magazine, which is slightly more than the MEC'sPP-19.


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit


Inventory slot

Primary Weapon


Fully automatic

Rate of fire

600 rounds per minute

Starting ammunition

50 + 50 rounds




0.35 Up
0.40 Left
1.10 Right
0.25 Up
0.28 Left
0.77 Right



0.66 - 3.50

0.40 - 0.90

The P90 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free and is available through the in-game store for the Engineer Kit upon reaching level 3. It features a longer range than the PP-2000 and the best accuracy for an SMG, as well as a 50-round magazine that makes the weapon a life-saver in close quarters where the weapon really shines. Only one spare magazine is given to the player, however, which makes Extra Magazines almost a must-have when using it.

Having more rounds than most weapons as well as better accuracy allows a user to spray bullets and still hit their target at close range. Despite having a longer range than the PP-2000, the weapon's intrusive iron sights make it better for close range engagements. Long range kills are not completely out of the question, however, but the player will need to use short bursts to control where their shots hit.

Once a player reaches level 3, the P90 can be bought for 150 for a day or 17,500 to have forever. It can also be bought with 39

You’ve probably seen the Phantom Bow and want to unlock one. Well, before you could even consider unlocking it, you’ll need to first complete all the Phantom Assignments, and we just happen to have a detailed guide for that.

In order to get Battlefield 4’s Phantom Bow, you must complete the three Phantom Assignments.

We’ve got videos detailing how to unlock each one below.

First off, let’s take a look at the the Phantom Prospect.

Then onto the Phantom Trainee.

And finally, the Phantom Initiate.

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